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“What is an Independent Dental Hygienist? Why visit a Dental Hygienist office? Does my insurance cover the cost? Don’t I need to see a Dentist? Who do I see for a Dentist?” These are all frequently asked questions that we often come across throughout our line of work. Below we have tried to answer them for you. If you are looking for more information, please email [email protected]

What is an Independent Dental Hygienist?

An experienced Registered Dental Hygienist who practices independent of a dentist/dental office.

Why seek out an Independent Dental Hygienist?

Independent Dental Hygienist’s (IDH)are experienced preventative oral health care Professionals who wish to offer their oral health services in unique settings for client centered care. Registered Dental Hygienists are now recognized as Oral Health Professionals in their own right. It is now recognized that what a Dentist is really good at ( restoring teeth to health) and what a Dental Hygienist is really good at (preventing tooth and oral soft tissue disease), do not need to be achieved in only the traditional Dentist office setting. Many IDHs offer mobile care in people’s private homes and Long-Term Care facilities. Some practice from their private homes, while others treat their clients in Dental Hygiene Clinics, and in multi-disciplinary wellness centers. People enjoy and appreciate the flexibility of this new method of seeking their oral health promotion to suit their individual lifestyle and needs. receive.

Does my insurance cover the cost?

Dental hygiene services are accepted by most insurance companies. You may want to contact your insurance carrier for clarification of coverage prior to your appointment.  Dental Hygiene services are tax deductible and an official receipt will be provided.

Don’t I need to see a Dentist?

For many people, preventing oral health care problems is their main focus.  At your Dental Hygiene appointment, an assessment of the teeth, gums and all the tissues in the mouth will be done.  If concerns are observed, they will be discussed. Depending on the concern, you will be referred to either a General Dentist, or a Dental Specialist ie: Orthodontist, Periodontist…It is recommended that regular General Dentist exams occur.

Who do I see for a Dentist?

If you have a Dentist you will continue to see that person for periodical exams and radiographs.  If you don’t have a Dentist, your chosen Independent Dental Hygienist is able to refer you.