Strength, Support, Growth...join the DHPO


Being a professional member of DHPO has numerous benefits. Become part of an exciting community invested in their profession and driven to excel. Save time by focusing on your work while DHPO keeps you informed on news and policies that affect your business. Gain exclusive money-saving discounts to help boost your bottom line and practice.

Along with being connected to a vital network of other practicing Dental Hygienists and having access to numerous business discounts, DHPO offers:

Professional credibility

Show customers you’re serious about delivering exceptional care and for ensuring their satisfaction. We want to help members boost their professional standing in the industry by requiring all members agree with and adhere to DHPO standards and values.

Collective Advocacy

DHPO uses our collective influence and membership base to address political and professional policy issues close to you. Together, we can work to protect the independent dental hygiene profession and the quality of care your patients receive.

Buying Power

DHPO members gain access to exclusive discounts on products and services dental hygienists use like business equipment, supplies, computer programs and maintenance.


Promote your business to a targeted audience of customers. All DHPO members receive a comprehensive website directory listing and the opportunity to showcase their practice in our Spotlight of the Month along with access to more extensive business advertising opportunities.

Information & Resources

As a member, you’ll stay in-the-know about current events that effect your business along with news on the latest dental hygiene products and technologies.

DHPO Members Only Forum

Join in the discussion or post a topic, as DHPO members come together to discuss business and dental hygiene related issues or to seek advice and give peer support.

It is quick and easy to become a member of the DHPO movement! All you have to do is:

  1. Download, complete and sign the DHPO Membership Form
  2. Provide proof of self-initiation
  3. Provide a copy of your business license
  4. Two options are available to pay your annual dues: PayPal (using credit card) or with a cheque (made payable to DHPO mailing address listed in the application form).
Pay $99 through PayPal (using your credit card)